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Your complete, secure, and effortless video conferencing solution, with built-in transcription. Straight from your browser.

Why Choose Memoria?

Complicated, Expensive

Overwhelming & Bundled


Simple, Secure, Effortless.

Straight from the browser

Secure meetings. Always.

Memoria takes user privacy to the next level. Every meeting is encrypted in transit and at rest, with built-in user authentication and secure file-sharing.


Get the most out of your meetings by letting Memoria take the notes for you. Text-based transcripts are generated after every call.

Easy Sharing.

Give presentations, walk through team updates, and share documents with easy one – click screen sharing. Your chats, files, and transcripts are all stored in one place for easy reference.

Manage Multiple Work Teams.

Memoria makes it easy to communicate with the right people. Share transcripts, documents, and notes with anyone, anytime.

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Your full workflow. In one place.

Track your meetings, schedule calls, and review

past transcripts – all from your Memoria homepage.

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