How to Enable Screen Sharing on Mac

To enable ScreenShare, you need to allow your browser to access Screen Recording on Mac computers.

In this guide, learn how to enable screen share for your Memoria calls

When running Memoria on your mac macOS Catalina or later to enable screenshare on a call, you need to grant Chrome or FireFox browser access to Screen Recording in your Apple security settings.


Please make sure Chrome or FireFox browser, whatever your default browser setting is, has access to Screen Recording in MAC computers to ensure that screenshare function is enabled.


Follow these steps to enable screen capture on your computer


  1. 1. When Google Chrome prompts you, click “Open System Preferences”


  1. 2. When you’re in System Preferences, click the “Security and Privacy” icon, then choose “Screen Recording” from the Privacy section.


  1. 3. To allow screen sharing on Google Chrome, check the box next to the Chrome icon.
  1. 4. To refresh settings in Google Chrome, quit and restart. Now when you join a Memoria meeting on Chrome, you will be able to record your screen. 


We hope this helps!


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