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What are people saying

Other apps that I’ve tried have a wickedly notorious reverb — especially when there are multiple speakers.

Tipping my hat to the Memoria team! What a difference! Memoria stands in remarkable contrast. And, Memoria’s transcript function is stellar, whether I’m attending a meeting or not. The increase in efficiency is exponential.”

-Peter Coe Verbica, All-American Cowboy Funds

What are people saying


Knowing you’re going to get a transcript automatically after every call is very reassuring. It’s like having an assistant that takes all the notes for you.

-Jumper Media

What are people saying


I see what I saw in Zoom in 2013 - the same level of passion, potential, and promise. It's deja vu all over again; a nascent product with potential for greatness, an engineering/dev team that is nimble, and a seasoned CEO who has a singular focus on the customer in every decision made.

-Mark Petersen, Former Zoom Sales Executive

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